Akterra Solutions

Bringing Out the Best In Organizations

We offer unique, carefully structured enterprise solutions:

  • Serving as value-added business partners and trusted advisors, providing cross-functional guidance and advisory services focused on enhancing organizational and individual performance
  • Building long-term collaborative relationships, taking advantage of deliberately developed and blended capability suites
  • Bringing some of the best talent available

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The diagram of concentric circles describes the entire range and interrelationships of our service offerings.  Starting from the center of the circles, this represents that we understand and are deeply experienced in the “resourcing” processes for organizations, both government and private sector.  We are well versed in the budgeting, financial management, and program development to help support and sustain enterprises, and provide them the financial foundation to operate and be successful.  In addition, we also understand the dynamics associated with one of the largest resource challenges an organization faces, the workforce.  We are experts in workforce planning, requirements determination, and programming for the manpower needed to perform the organization’s mission.  We also understand the connectivity between these two resourcing elements, and how to make them work best for organizations.

Next, we understand the strategic and operational frameworks that govern organizations, and contribute to their success.  From developing and delivering on a strategic plan, to implementing it and measuring performance, to assuring compliance, to reengineering processes and then implementing and managing change, to developing the policy and process foundations to sustain and improve operations, we’ve done it all.  We understand how develop a vision, and then go do it.

Finally, we understand the role of systems and tools in the effective and efficient operation of organizations.  We know how to identify the right systems to perform the functions described above, how to implement them in organizations, how to leverage them to enhance performance, and then how to protect them.  Most of all, we know how all these pieces fit together, to provide a single comprehensive, integrated solution for organizational performance enhancement.

What sets us apart...

  • AKTERRA brings a wealth of practical "best practices" experience, garnered across multiple sectors of business, government, and non-profit services
  • Long-tenured service in assessing, developing, and implementing better ways of doing business
  • Leveraging and understanding of the entire business process foundation that organizations rely on, the elements comprising that foundation, and how they should be integrated and interrelate
    • We have contributed to success in business, government, not-for-profit, and in the consulting service arenas
  • Our services and talent mix have been carefully crafted to provide the best business processes improvement and management expertise, in a blended holistic approach
    • We partner with like-minded companies, who enhance our vision and suite of capabilities
  • Business Designations
    • SBA Status: Woman-Owned Business, Small Disadvantaged Business
    • NAICS:  541211, 541213, 541214, 541219, 541611, 541612, 541618, 541990, 561110, 561311, 561312, 561320, 561499
    • DUNS:  079722683
    • CAGE:  7BWB7

What is AKTERRA...

The name "AKTERRA" is derived from a favored and long cultivated flowering plant, part of daisybushes group of plants.  AKTERRA are known for being especially hearty, and persevering in some of the most rugged and inhospitable places on earth.  Even in this environment, AKTERRA return each year, growing bigger and stronger than the year before.  Further, in Indian mythology dating back thousands of years, AKTERRA is know for healing powers, providing restorative energy and enhanced health to those who consume it.  

We have chosen the AKTERRA as our symbol, representing our vision and mission of serving as a valued added partner to our clients and colleagues, and in many cases, also serving as a curative element to eliminate impediments to them achieving their highest potential